Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tiger Woods, Ya'll ________________________


The 17th at Augusta.

Tiger walks to the trap.

He settles into his stance.

The club goes back, a quick flash of sand, and the ball drops,


Tiger Woods & Tiger Woods & Tiger Woods, Ya'll.

On April 7th Brian, Cate, Leslie, and I spent the day at Augusta National. It was the practice round that Monday, so to be fair, Tiger had a few shots to ring one from the trap. But it was still pretty cool to see him raise his hand to the crowd and acknowledge his general badassedness. Of course, he could of used a little of that magic on Sunday, but, oh well, good for Immelman, I guess.

Augusta National's about as pretty as pretty gets. The azaleas here were obviously in full bloom. You could find little spots like this one and watch action on the green fully framed by flowers. Brian learned how to use the macro function on his camera, so that was good, too.


We saw Veejay putt around on eighteen (he's enormous, incidentally), ate pimiento cheese sandwiches in the grandstands, and kept our eyes peeled for "jorts" and - even better - gym coach shorts. Five points for the former, twenty for the latter. (Where's Larry Paulin when you need him, anyway?)

All in all, it was a good day at Augusta.