Sunday, May 18, 2008

Return to Vulcan

On May 10th, Les and I returned for the first time to the site of our nuptials. It was May 10th, and we were there to see our good friends Marcel Vargas and Melissa Lowry tie their own knot.

The weekend was a blast. It started off with a rehearsal dinner at the Cahaba Pumping Station, a first for us and many other long-term Birminghamians, too. Lots of good soul food, plenty of toasts (Leslie gave one that lasted longer than thirty seconds!)

On Saturday, the ceremony itself was at Vulcan. Pretty cool to see those two gettin' hitched with all of downtown Birmingham as a scenic backdrop. Plenty of good food that night, too - in fact, it was the same catering company that had done our wedding a year beforehand. The guy who had kept a drink in my hand last year was for some reason unwilling to continue the tradition. Something about being busy with Marcel, my day had passed, etc.

Thought the rains might get us, but it proved to be a beautiful night. We danced under the big man, and when the rumbia hit the speakers, the entire Vargas clan descended on the dance floor. I got some lessons in moving my hips from Ms. Vargas; even Leslie was livin la vida loca.

Congrats to Marcel and Melissa, who are probably returning from Mexico tonight. May your first year married be as enjoyable as ours has been. We love you.

~Matt and Leslie