Monday, July 28, 2008

oOo Fish Lips oOo

Whenever young Jack gets the hiccups, he puckers he sweet lil' lips into this O-face formation. Leslie captured this b&w in a particularly cheek-swollen moment...

Somebody hook that sucker!

The hiccups don't seem to bother him too much, but we're pretty certain he doesn't enjoy them as much as we do. Check him out in real time by clicking the play button on the video below.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Bastille Day, 2008 - little Jack Boehm stormed into this world like a crazy, half-starved Frenchman. The world will never be the same.

We were planning on inducing Wednesday afternoon. Monday morning, we drove to the doctor's office to get some medication that that would get her ready for the big day. As soon as the prepadil was administered, the contractions began. They came on fast and they came on strong. Two hours later we were in Labor and Delivery (A.K.A, Stork's Landing) at Palmetto Richland Hospital. Calls were made; families were mobilized. Little Jack was on his way.

At first (with the proper pain meds), it seemed like labor would be a cinch. Leslie kicking back with some Gameboy Tetris, me surfing the web... free as the breeze. Sometime around 5 pm, her blood pressure began to rise. By 8:00, she was hitting really dangerous levels, and we made the call to go with a C-section. They wheeled her off, and told me to wait in the room until she was fully prepped for surgery. That was a long 45 minutes...

Finally, they let me in to the room, and there was Leslie smiling at me with a curtain drawn up around her neck. We sat and held hands and talked casually about mundane things: how the animals were doing at home, what we thought Jack's carpool would be like, etc. All of a sudden, someone said, "OK, Dad, get your camera ready!" I stood up, fumbling in my pocket for the camera, only to drop both arms at my side as they pulled little Jack out of Leslie.

A picture captures a thousand words: check out Leslie's face here and you'll get an idea of what the moment felt like.

Truly an awe-inspiring experience... and its getting more awesome each day.

We love you, Jack.